Penguin Pit Stop

Penguin Pit Stop New Location

Introducing our Penguin Ice Club

Our special way of rewarding our diehard customers who buy shaved ice, even when the temps outside are frigid

If the high temp is…

You get:

Unless there is precipitation. Then you get:

25-35 degrees

50 cents off

75 cents off

15-24 degrees

Buy 1 shaved ice, get 1 half off AND double stamps

Buy 1 shaved ice, get one FREE AND double stamps

5-14 degrees

Buy 1 shaved ice, get one FREE AND triple stamps

½ price shaved ice and triple stamps

Less than 5 degrees

FREE 12 oz shaved ice (or $2 off a larger size)*


* Limit one FREE shaved ice per person per day.
** We hope it doesn’t come to this – less than 5 degrees and precipitation (which we can only assume would be snow or ice). However, if it does happen, we’ll figure something out. You just might want to call ahead to confirm we are here – we’d be very tempted to stay at home on a day like this

Details, disclaimers, and rules (the fine print):
Discounts and double/triple stamps are valid on 12 oz and larger shaved ices only Stamps (including double/triple stamps) are given for each paid shaved ice, including discounted shaved ice. Stamps are not given for free shaved ice. Temperatures used for the deal are based on the forecasted high temp for the following day at business close (Tuesday’s deal will be based on the forecast temp as of 7:00 p.m. Monday). Precipitation must be currently falling or must have fallen earlier in the day after 10:00 a.m. Tie goes to the runner. To be counted as a catch, you must maintain control throughout the entire process of contacting the ground. Why are you still reading this?

Shaved Ice at Your Event

Want to offer unique treats at your next event? Looking for a new way to raise money for your organization? Penguin Pit Stop has the ability to go mobile and would love to talk to you about serving shaved ice at your event. We are now booking events in 2016, so don't wait to reserve a date.