Penguin Pit Stop

Penguin Pit Stop New Location

Record Store Day & Earth Day

Plan to visit us on Record Store Day (Saturday, April 18th). We know we aren't a record store, but we do have some items made from old records that will be marked down. All other "upcycled" items will be discounted through April 25th as we celebrate Earth Day.

Pineapple Whip

Saturday, April 18th we will have Pineapple Whip! If you can't make it, don't worry - we'll be offering Pineapple Whip more frequently as the weather warms up again.

The Hunt Is On

Penguin Hunt photo Only the green penguin is still hiding! You might know about our in-store penguin hunt (if not, be sure to check out the signs or ask about it next time you're in). Right now we have a city-wide penguin hunt going on. Four paper penguins were hidden around Lincoln and three of them have been found. Here's a recap of hints so far - be sure to watch for clues on our Facebook page or stop in the store for bonus hints.

Welcome to our new website

Nope - it's not super fancy and made by a mega-website-company because that's not who we are or how we operate. Instead, much like Penguin Pit Stop, we built this little site ourselves. What that means is that it is probably full of errors and stuff. If you happen to find some, please let us know - we'll give you a discount on a shaved ice, a high five for your excellent proofreading skills, or maybe something out of our treasure chest even if you don't find the penguin. (Don't know about our penguin hunt? Be sure to ask!)